Thank You From Bob Barr

“It goes without saying that Tuesday’s vote was disappointing.  It is always better to win than to lose!  But what was not in any way disappointing — and is in fact uplifting — is the tremendous effort put forth by our many hundreds of volunteers and donors over the past 14 months, to bring our message of Experienced Conservative Leadership to Georgia’s 11th District and beyond.

Jeri, Derek, and our entire family and extended campaign family, join me in thanking everyone for their commitment to my candidacy and what this campaign stood and fought for:  Moving our Conservative Agenda Forward.  I intend to continue this endeavor, and I hope everyone who supported me with their vote, their donations, their time, and their hard work will never cease working similarly to strengthen America in the image of our Founders and according to that great Blueprint for Liberty, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


House Oversight Committee Chair Endorses Barr

Former Congressman Bob Barr (GA-7), a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 11th District in Georgia, today announced that House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has endorsed him for the July 22nd Run-off election.

In publicly endorsing Barr, Congressman Issa said:

“I endorse Bob Barr to be the next member of the House of Representatives from Georgia’s 11th District.  I served with Bob on the Government Oversight Committee when he was in the House previously, and we need his expertise as a former prosecutor and tough inquisitor now more than ever to help conduct vital investigations of the Obama Administration’s abuses of power. “ Continue Reading

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